Do you think I have a shot in winning her back?

I finally got my life together after breaking up in junior year of high school. I'm 19 now and I really miss my ex-girlfriend. I still do love her sure I dated around to try and get over her but it was never serious. I had to break up with her or forced to because of my parents. My grades were slipping and I had to let her go. I knew if I told her the truth of would of stung and turn against my parents. They really liked her but I was not focusing on school as much. And if I told her the truth she would wait and I didn't know if I could put her through that or if I was ever going to get my life back together. I never had sex with anyone but her. I heard she was dating someone? But I'm not entirely sure.
She got off any social media websites after the break up so that's out.
I screamed at her to move on repeatedly while crying because I did not want to lose her but I had to. The break up was very messy due to her going into depression after the break up. It was hard to hear from my friend on how she was doing. Missing school, out of it, did not talk at all for a month, wanting to end her life (due to home situation and me), started to drink etc. After I guess a few months she bounced back and was normal again. She looks still beautiful but changed a lot hardly recognizable with the toned body, bigger assets, eye color change, hair color change etc. I heard from friends she changed herself because everything of her old self reminded her of me. This scares me because what if her changing was her way of moving on for good?


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  • I'm sorrow but by the looks of it, it sounds as if she wants to move on for good. I suggest you too.


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