What's my ex trying to say, I'm confused?

we broke up when he saw I was frustrated with things. he texted he missed being close to me. the next day I said I was glad to have met him. he said things happen for a reason but didn't answer what that meant when I. asked. then he said he wished we could cuddle and I said me too. and I. haven't heard from him since and it was three days ago.


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  • He could be playing with your feelings or something don't fall for that trap. Something similar happened like that between my ex and I. He said he loved me but when we got back together he acted so weird and I was so nervous around him and I didn't know why. And then months later he left me over lame excuses. But don't fall for it, that's just there way of getting you to crawl back into there arms and then next thing you know they just leave you on the ground


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