Why is he so fussed about me throwing out his jumper? And why not see the argument through?

Okay see & my guy friend have been hooking up having fun for the last year, and he recently said we were in an open relationship. He knows I have feelings and have done for the last couple of months.

I kinda ended things with him yesterday & told him I can't do it no more & told him to delete my number & for us to go our separate ways as we've tried to end things so many times but just go round in circles. He just put 'ok fair enough.' Which really hurt & upset me. (I think he wasn't taking me serious)

Anyways so I kinda deleted him off everything as it's just to tempting otherwise & was basically clearing him out of my life. I found his jumper he gave me so I messaged him 'cleaning my room, came across your jumper it's going in the Bin unless you want it back?' He texted back 'do what you want' so I did.

He then messaged me at like 2am asking why I was kicking of for. I basically said I wasn't kicking off & that I didn't argue with him & he was happy enough with the way things ended. His repsonse:

Well... There was nothing to end & I don't see why your making digs for?' I then asked him about what digs? He responded really angry saying 'it's 2.30 can't be fucked with this... Just chill the fuck out! If you want me to ignore you I will.' Which really threw me as he messaged me & I was calm & being reasonable.

He then went onto say about how I can't seem to bloody make up my mind and that one minute I wanted to fuck here there and everywhere and the next minute I'm throwing out his jumper' which is fair enough but I have my reasons, why is he so upset about the jumper? He hasn't realise I've deleted him off everything yet. And I just don't get why he started the conversation but then just closed down & didn't want to speak about it?


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  • The thing is open relationships (and even friends with benefits) still get muddled up in emotions. While he might not admit it he probably does have feelings for you. So when you're telling him it's over for good and to delete your number he's going to be quite conflicted. His initial response was likely an attempt at pretending he didn't care that much. The text at 2am was him trying to figure out the situation, and set off because he's feeling a bit hurt.

    However, if this is the case he's dealing with it in the wrong way and should just be honest with you. So if he makes the attempt to try and have an honest talk with you it might be worthwhile hearing him out

    • I messaged him this morning and he did sat 'I do care and I do give a shit.' He just seems to think it's going to be like all the other times and that in a couple of days we will be back to normal. I've deleted him from all the social websites & he hasn't realised yet so I'm hoping shit don't hit the van.

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