Are these head games or is he actually confused?

I have been dating this guy for like 7 months who was previously in a relationship for 5 years and was engaged and the girl left him for another guy. This ended almost a year before he and I met and at first he acted like he was ready to move on but then slowly I started to realize that he was still very much invested in that previous relationship. I told him maybe we should move on but he said he wanted to try. We haven't been talking very much these past few weeks and recently he said he can't commit because of his ex. He hasn't seen her in a year so I don't know what that means. Last night I saw him and we had sex and after we were talking. I was telling a story about this guy I met last year that I went on a disaster date with. He starts telling me how he unsuccessfully tried to pick up some girl a few days ago and I was a little hurt that he was asking me about this girl and why wouldn't she talk to him. Unfortunately I didn't feel comfortable giving him advice about another girl so I went to leave. I said to him that I still have feelings and don't think I can handle something so casual with him. He got mad and said how he thought my story was recent so that's why he told his and said how he was disappointed because he wanted it to be a good night. I don't understand what I did wrong. I was only trying to be honest about how I feel.


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  • I would end it. He was hitting on another girl. You are not on the same page as him. I find it a bit annoying that he shouldn't know better, but I'm not sure about the details. I think you are in the right on this one.


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  • He's Obviously Not into a Real Relationship with you, and Now he is just treating you like some 'Friend with benefits' factor that he can just share stories and spit with. He hasn't moved on from His ex, he's this fickle pickle, and Now he is telling you his 'Unsuccessful story' about other girls. I believe he wants to play the field and 'Play' with you at the same time.
    How can he Expect Anything to be Not only a 'good nite,' when he is doing this to you and showing disrespect? It's not fair to you, and you had every right to want to---Leave.
    You need to sit down with him and tell him you don't want to be some 'Rebound Rebecca' Nor some pillow pal neither. I think you shouldn't be so easy to go between the sheets with him, unless you don't mind a friends with benefit relationship. This is what I think he wants now.
    Good luck.xx


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  • head games. Its what my so-called relationship is doing to me.


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