How to fix this? I really need your help please!?

So my fiance just called things off because he said I was immature and was too controlling and had a jealousy problem. How could I fix this because I love him and I want him back. Please help.


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  • Yes you are immature, not your fault, you are still under 18. By using the word, "fiance" I suspect you two are engaged to be married? Why at such a young age? I think you two need time to grow a little more and experience life more as adults. Don't be in rush to get married. This may be why he is backing off.


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  • If you really are under eighteen I would seriously consider talking to him and taking things slow not getting engaged. Have a sit down and talk to him about it all and see if you can change or compromise so everyone is happy. Seriously though, wait until you're at least twenty one or so to think about getting engaged, it's a big step. Ultimately though you can't make him come back to you if he's not feeling it.


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  • First, ask yourseft if he was right. If yes, tell him honestly that you're sorry. That you understand you have lessons to learn and that you want to learn them.
    Sincere apologies are almost always accepted by people.
    Thumbs up that you can repair the situation :-)


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