He says he does care and does give a shit but he doesn't understand it's over.?

So I ended things with the guy I'm in a open relationship with for a year yesterday. He ended up acting as if he didn't care which hurt a lot, then he decided to message me at like 2.30am asking why I was going off on one. He got all shitty and angry with me and then didn't want to talk about it no more. He also kept bringing up the fact I asked him if he wanted his jumper back as I was binning it otherwise.

Then this morning we talked again as he fell asleep and I practically said that what he's done hurts and he's being a insensitive jerk as he's known for months I like him. He tuner around and said this:
'Don't even start to blame me for this you knew how you felt and I told you where I was at.. I do give a shit but you always do this so I can't even be bothered to reply because I know in a few days time your start talking to me again like nothing's been said sooo why waste my energy on absolutely nothing?'
And then straight after
'I do care and I do give a shit I just can't be fucked to deal with it tbh... Don't bother replying just do what you got to do !! I'm going out'

He doesn't get that this is it now and that I can't do it no more, he thinks I'm going to run back to him but I'm not. I've deleted him off social networking sites for the moment while I get over him (he hasn't noticed this yet). It just feels like to me he's letting me go so easily and he just doesn't care.


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  • You said that you guys were in an open relationship for a year. To me, it sounds like he had enough of what's going on between the two of you. He might not be interested in continuing the open relationship. From his replies it sounds like he doesn't have much feelings for you..."Don't bother replying just do what you got to do !! I'm going out"... What was said before 'his' texts? After each argument are you always the one coming back and making up?
    This relationship sounds draining and tiring... plus it seems as if there is a cycle going on here.. Which could be why he is acting the way that he is. My advice is to leave it alone especially since it's supposed to be open. It's not worth it.


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