Weird Reaction from Guy When I Cut Things Off With Him - Can Anyone Explain This?

I'm 17 & went to prom with a guy I've had a crush on since 6th grade. This was his 1st dance and 1st relationship with a girl. We liked each other & had a very casual relationship - texting/hanging out with our friend groups. We never kissed- just cuddled and held hands. He was starting to ask me to hang out one-on-one but I've lost interest in him even though I really liked him at first. We're not a good match in terms of interests & goals. I play 2 varsity sports, work as a lifeguard & am really into academics. He quit sports even though both his brothers played college sports, isn't into academics and doesn't work. He texted me constantly. He has a good sense of humour but it quickly started to seem immature. I told him last night that I had a great time with him the past several weeks but just wasn't feeling the same way & I didn't think there was anything there for us. He responded with "I think there is still something there. We just need to do some one-on-one hangouts and smaller group things. I think it's because we've been hanging out in larger groups the past few weekends." I said no I don't think that's it. I'm sorry if you don't feel the same way but this is just how I feel. He said "well, I've kind of been feeling the same way lately. But it's probably my fault because I should have asked you to hang out alone. Maybe somewhere down the road there will be something there for never know" I said that I really wasn't thinking about that right now. He also said he hoped it wouldn't affect our friendship and that we could still all hang out with our group of friends. I agreed. Then I found out that the whole time I was texting him, he was texting my friends (who knew that I was cutting things off) & asking how he should respond to me. Then after our conversation ended, he asked my friend if it would be okay if he started "talking" to girls in my friend group. What's the deal? Is he trying to save his ego or did he never like me that much?


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  • Sounds to me like he probably really does like you, and he was asking friends how to respond because it was his first relationship and he really didn't know how to go about it. As for asking about "talking" to other girls in your group, he may be pretty hurt by how insistent you were about there not being anything between you two and be trying to move on.

    My question for you, if you really aren't interested in him any more, why are you so concerned about whether he wants to talk to other girls? If you really just want to know about whether he liked you when you were in a relationship, he did. If it is because you are still interested, you need to give him a chance and go on a one-on-one with him soon, as the more time you give him to move on, the more likely he will be to do it.


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  • You don't want the guy, so why worry what girls he likes
    he is moving on like you suggested him to do so why
    are you going to make it seem like your leading him on
    cause that's what will happen, not meaning to sound
    offensive but the way i see things, if i am wrong i do
    apologize but your title of this question says it all?

  • Poor guy :'(

    He really really likes you. Especially you were his first real "relationship."


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