Does it stop hurting when someone moves on from you?

Silly question perhaps for me because I'm divorced. Although, what I dealt with was so awful that the divorce was freeing- as terrified as I was of the pain, it never came.

It's been a couple years now and I have been talking to this guy for a while now. Maybe 10 months or so. Started off as just friends but physical attraction. I started realizing a few months ago that wow I really like him. What a unique creative and fun individual.

We spent many hours per day in constant contact. In the back of my mind, I knew this wasn't going to last forever, especially since we don't live close. A relationship would have been hard.

Mutual feelings were expressed. And lately he's ignoring me nearly entirely. Leaves any contact ignored or doesn't respond for 24+ hours. Very painful.

I actually felt sick to my stomach last night over it and almost felt pain.

Very weird.

Can anyone relate to these feelings and do they go away? I think they do but I'm such a little flea right now I really need to hear it from someone. Thank you.


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  • Well..for sure it will goes a way with time...but i think you should do what he did..just ignor him back..that might be harsh from the start but its better in long run, plus you keeping your status..i mean to show to him that you need him..will not do any good >>>

    • Thank you, I will do that, it hurts too much being brushed off.

  • It will heal in time don't worry about it, just tell yourself he doesn't deserve you.


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