Breakup with my girl whos my best friends ex :?

I brokeup with my x.. recntly i came to know dat she had left four guys... dat too the reason was she's interstred in some new guy everytime... every one sujjested me to leave her as they knw about her but i didnt, atlast i left her..on knowing this- Now she's blaming me dat i hav bluffed her and played wth her life!!! was she who proposed me frst when i asked her to let the relation b/w us jst as friends...she ain't spoke wth me for one day..atlast i told her dat i love her...
and the guy she's in relationship bfre me was my best friend..he was the fourth person on her list !! hav i dne any thng wrng in leaving her?
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  • Don't worry. you didn't do anything wrong here. She's just trying to start some drama, because she likes having guys chase after her. You're better off ignoring her and don't try to talk to her from now on

    • thank u... :)..i will follow this..

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  • A gurl brking with so many people could have make me have doubts too unless if she's isn't the one brking up with them but yeah since she fall in luv with most guys on sight, than thats probably a good reason. Ur probably juz a bench warmer for her :3

    • she's d one who broke up with every one.. hav i cheated her?

    • No but u left her for a good reason before she even had the chance to cheat on u like any other guys.

  • Nope the only thing you've done wrong is making it difficult to understand your question by typing in Afrikaans ok


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