My partner was doing all the things a cheat does and claimed he was working one night but he wasn't -?

I text him and told him that I was packing his stuff - he came home the next morning but I was so mad - we had been together for 8 years and I just wanted the truth. He didn't say a lot and said he wasn't going to argue and went. Two days later he turned up to collect his clothes - I offered him a coffee but he said he had to go to his brothers house to take his gear for storing (even though he had just said that he had not told any of his family about our break up) he just wanted to get out of the house.- He wanted to come back the following day to collect the rest of his gear but I tried to phone him and he was just ignoring me so I said that he was lying yet again and that I would drop his stuff round, and that he should say where.
I have not heard from him since - it has been two weeks and as much as I would really love to call him, I know that he won't pick the phone up as he is stubborn.
This happened before but he did not leave, this time he has just gone.

Is our future over? He has not explained himself, and I feel that we have not had any closure which I am desperate for. I really love him and the longer this is going on the harder it is becoming.

Why did he not defend his cause? because it really was happening? he had his phone with him all the time and did the typical things a cheater does but I have no proof or evidence as such, just my heart!
Please try and help me understand his mind, if you can


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  • "Is our future over?"

    Sounds like your boyfriend made like a road apple and hit the trail.


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