Have you ever broken up with your boyfriend and then months later got back together with him but started questioning yourself?

Have you ever questioned yourself for getting back into a relationship with your ex and wondering where you stand with him/her in a relationship?


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  • Yup been there plenty of times. It all boils down to how much you love him and how badly you wanna make it work. There is some trust issues I suppose it didn't work out last time what grantee that it will work out now

    • I actually regret it but I know your not supposed to live life with regrets. He asked me back out 5 months ago. I was stupid and go back with him when I should've walked after the way he treated me. I felt so stupid like I didn't deserve it. But at least now I finally know what I want/deserve... it was like I mature enough and wanted it to workout but all he did was make excuses

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    • Wish ya all the best in life you just solved your own issue :)

    • Its okay no need to wish us the best thank you though... I'm in HS a junior and he's a sophomore we don't talk at all or anything like that its just awkward eye contact then and there. I finally know who I want and what I deserve in a relationship and its not him of course after the way he treated me like a dog. I'm just staying focused on my studies and trying to make new friends and maybe a guy friend as well nothing special. I just act like he doesn't exist and it has worked out quite well and I apologize for getting back to you so late.

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