How long does the missing stage last i'm so sick of having these feelings just need advice and encouragement please?

I'm so angry and hurt right now I just have my moments when i'm not thinking about my ex and then I have moments when I wonder what he's doing and who he is talking to and I wonder if he is thinking about me also. Even though he hurt me I actually still care for him I just had to put my foot down and stop allowing him to hurt me. He actually wanted to continue to be friends and keep in contact but I couldn't because I still had feelings for him and the fact that he wanted to keep in contact with a girl that he had been physical with while we were still talking was so irritating and frustrating. He just kept saying she is really coo and he never thought about being in a relationship with her it was only physical. I hate that I still care for him I just want to get over this and move on we tried the no contact rule and we always failed at it the longest we've went without talking to each other is 2 months. It has been two weeks now since we haven't talk to each other and i'm missing him terribly we have a great connection but we can also be each others worst enemies also. I just want these feelings to go away so bad


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  • Keep occupied! My bf and I broke up 3 weeks ago after 2 years together and I rarely have time to myself now. I know if I stop I'm just never going to stop crying. I'm seeing friends most evenings, working by butt off during the day (which is paying off career wise!), starting kick boxing (apparently good for stress relief) and polenastics classes, dating even if I don't mean for it to go anywhere. And buy yourself something expensive. The less you think about him the sooner you'll be over him xx


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  • Best thing to do is to occupy your time. Go out with friends, volunteer your time, start a new hobby, etc. It can be tough to motivate yourself to do these things but sometimes you just have to push on


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