I can't sleep and I need some closure because I feel like a monster?

Ex-girlfriend refuses to see me. She got off any social website and changed her number after I she found out I cheated. It's been three months and I feel really guilty for betraying her. I just want to clear things and tell her how sorry I am. I lost a best friend and a very sweet girl for some slut. I know I deserve it but the fact I have a lot to say to her is eating me up inside. It makes me feel like crap now when she screamed at me that she felt so disgusting she even bothered to have sex with me. I know she was angry at the time. Whenever I want to swing by her house I know she's there she pretends she's not there. I ask friends to help but they all say she simply doesn't want or need me anymore. It does hurt and I've turned to alcohol. I just want to tell her I'm sorry and it was so stupid of me to cheat on her. That I do love her still and if she ever wakes up one day and thinks of me that I'm always going to be here. That I won't ever cheat on her again and I still want to be that guy she always visioned of walking down the aisle with. I'm willing to do anything it takes to be with her again.


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  • Best case scenario, she lets you stew for Years. Maybe dates other guys.
    If you don't give up, maybe... MAYBE you'll get another chance.

    Worst case scenario. Give up now.


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  • Why dont u write her a letter and mail it to her or ask a mutual friend to give it to her

    • I've tried that and I never heard back.

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    • We used to email when her phone was broken but I don't know if she changed it or not

    • Well all u can do is try

  • I doubt she will ever give you another chance

    • Well... Couldn't there be something I can do that will change her mind?

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  • Do yourself a favor and let her go. If she doesn't want to talk to you, that's it. Keep trying if you want but there's not much more to it than that. This is a learning experience for you, you fucked up. She feels completely different about you now and always will.

  • You can't cross bridges that you burn.

  • nope, u gotta be punished.


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