Ladies...what is going on here? Im confused.?

I previously wrote about a break up with my gf of 6 months under the title second chance. Again, the break up was due to something I did and regret. But we talked and she told me she's hurting and grieving bc of what I did (using her cc)
She said she still loves me but can't think of being with me. I decided to give her space and time. I asked her to meet up and she agreed to after spending the day with friends. I later thought about it and told her it was ok and to have fun. She has admitted that she has just been trying to get her mind off things. Anyway, she didn't respond for a couple of hours but when she did she said I seemed frantic and asked what was going on? I purposely didn't respond then went out with friends. About an hour later she text and asked why I was ignoring her text and she didn't get it. I guess this was after I posted a pic on instagram with me and friends (mind you she was just in a pic smiling and having a good time)
I get she's upset but I dont like the double standard. I started by chasing her and it made her mad so I backed off. Then she post on fb saying she's leaving no time/space for people that make her unhappy, obviously directed towards me.
Its just hard to understand after we had a great relationship minus the one incident. Is she just hurting? Missing me? What do I make of this behavior?
Its like she wants space but says she loves me. Then told me she will always be here for me. Also said she doesn't want to rid me out of her life.
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She text me and said she's really pissed off and angry. Wants to be here for me but relationship talk is pissing her off bc I hurt her. Giving her space.


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  • She still want you back, but she wanted to see more effort and sincerity if you're worth it for a second chance. And she also want assurance... :)

  • I think she wants you back. She is just trying to make you pay the price for a while.


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