Can you pin point reasons why a man behaves this way?

I left my ex , he has five kids four with me , he denied being the dad to his oldest son with someone else now he says at the last moment that he's greatful for her.. she has 5 kids herself all different dads.. he has multiple x girlfriends he wants back with time n time again , gets a new one. back n forth i also been though breakups then want me back.. this time its over I'm happy i left! but is their words to discredit his actions? he also denied being the dad to my kids one at a time now he wants to be a dad to his oldest and fight me for custody of our daughters but denies our son. our youngest he wants nothing to do with him... considering he developed a hard on while playing with our oldest daughter , i question him he state's because he needed to pee.. in the afternoon while ur playing with your daughter? And the fact i cought him doing awful things with a dog !!! now he's a sex deviate i know that but what else? i have court soon , its hard to explain without going into detail.. having enough to explain i don't want to sit there and over do it please help and thank u... by the way he has the tendencies to have x girlfriends to help him in court just like bad Cyrus... just thinking about it stressful


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  • Perhaps he is of the opinion that by disclaiming some of his kids, his financial obligation in support of them will be minimized. In brief, he is attempting to reduce his child support payments. But, as the anonymous user implied, DNA testing can expose the truth.

    With regard to him being aroused by your daughter and his actions with an animal, it's definitely a cause for concern. Did you not report your suspicions to the authorities when it occurred? Did you allow him to continue to interact with you daughter? These are questions you may be asked by the court if you bring forth such allegations against him.

    And if your answers are not satisfactory to the judge, the allegations may work against you as well. In which case, your kids could be placed in the custody of the courts or foster care.

    Nonetheless, stick to the facts during the court process. Whatever they may be or no matter how awful they may seem. Therefor, there is no need to character assassinate your ex or/and over do it. His lies, excuses, and lack of stability will reveal his poor character in court more than you will.

    • I've reported both to cyfd and police ) him forcing the dog trapping it under the blankets i grew concerned i then watched my steps entering our bed room i seen him on his knees on our bed with his penis out smiling the dog was licking it.. i was shocked i yelled at him he pushed the dog away n went to the shower called my crazy... our daughter n him were on the floor i thought nothing of it because he always plays with our daughters.. he was laying on the floor my daughter was jumping laughing while i was doing mom duties glancing at them.. he got up he had a bold blemish i question him he said because he needed to pee everyone i asked about this said no u don't get a bonner because u need to pee a dr agreed... i told cyfd i told everyone mow its well do have proof i didn't take a picture this situation is crazy...

    • On another note police said its not against the law to do sexual things with an animal's.. whare i live cyfd agreed looked it up :( and he's not allowed to take my daughters to the bathroom alone.. and he always favoring our oldest now i understand but don't understand... confusing to u maybe this is hard telling p let alone dealing with.. but i have no proof I'm scared my daughters will be hurt in many ways ! :((

    • Take the police report and any other documents and/or witnesses to court in reference to your concerns about him. Then, ask the court to grant him supervised visitation rights until he is evaluated and cleared by the courts to have unsupervised visits.

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  • Sounds pretty crazy. I'm actually a little lost...

    • You have no idea n ur lucky

  • Ain't young love grand? Your life is an absolute mess barely out of high school (did you graduate or were you too busy reproducing?). You've spit out 4 kids already. Assuming there wasn't a ring because that's soooo old school. Ok. Enough attitude.

    You can get child support without going to court. DNA testing is a wonderful thing.
    If you can't give your kids a decent life, put some or all of them up for adoption and restart your life. Get the hell away from the ex either way.

    • My children arnt puppies that I'm willi.g to adopt out to strange unknown intentioned money hungry ppl! Yes i was marred divorced thwn mwt the father of my four youngest yes that makes me a mother of five.. but I'm strong as hell.. i know my kids best without interested f bags involving them awful ways onto my family.. he wants to denie my youngest fine i have the paper but i thought u know i have him i pay for his needs and all my children by my self.. y do i need him decideing if he wants to be a dad and when f*** that he knows he's the dad I'm not a whore...

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