ATTENTION GIRLS: how do you get over your ex?

we broke up 6 days ago, i just want to know what is the healthiest way of dealing with a breakup.

well he broke up with me


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  • I found this really really tough :/ Keep yourself as occupied as you possibly can, don't allow yourself to think about it properly until you're getting used to him not being around. Be around people, I find that helps. Even if whatever you're doing is really boring at least your mind for the most part is having to concentrate on something else. Tell yourself constantly you're better without him - I didn't believe a word of everything I kept saying to myself lol - but say it! Remind yourself how much of a jerk he is and it will at the very least make you feel better. There's nothing worse that sitting around feeling like you can't ever live without him and want to go crawling back. Try to keep yourself strong.

    I'm sorry you guys broke up :( I know it really sucks for a while but after a month now I'm already feeling quite a bit better :)

    • dont be sorry, he was crying when he broke up with me as well, we were both crying, its just weird not having someone to talk to like how was your day etc etc, and share with, he broke up with me cause he says he doesn't want a relationship now etc we went out for 6months

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  • I just think of all the bad things about the relationship.

    Over time in your head the cons will outweigh the pros and you'll realise you're so much better off.

    It DID take me a month, though. But it seems to have worked better, than just preoccupying myself with a hobby.

    • im just scared, to get that feeling of missing him, which i hate the most. like ugh i just hate it when im in bed and im like fuck i miss him so much, i hate that feeling

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    • okay its just weird cause he started crying when he broke up withme so im like wut?

    • Sometimes people break up, because they have to. They still care about the person, but realize it's not going to work in the long run.

  • Process your feelings either verbally or by writing them down (no one has to see them), recognize where you may have done things differently, where your needs weren't met, and when you're ready move on. And then best way to move on from a man is to get underneath another one.

  • Write letters but never send them...constantly write until your hands are sore..write your feelings he made you happy how he made you angry...keep writing for weeks shove letters in bag...few months time you'll throw the bag out with the letters you never sent never read them...that's how I coped..but I did wrong I was texting him constant begging and crying...if I went the letters route to begin with is have saved face and embarrassment..don't beg or plead because you'll feel shame and he will get nasty with you..

  • I just move on and like stop caring because thats life

  • You get over him by finding someone new

  • Yes, the best way is to focus on his negative things. Also, start flirting with and dating other guys. You may feel it's weird but it will help you feel confident. You will still picture yourself with him in nice times, but it will fade away slowly. It may take months.


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