Why would my ex boyfriend text me after silence?

We had a really bad breakup. We exchanged accusations etc. He suddenly texts me 'I am in the town' (when we split he was working in another town temporarily).

I suspected he might have sent the text by mistake. But could he want to get back but his pride doesn't let him be frank?

This is so bad for me. The moment I have started to get over him he reminds me of himself. I wished he didn't contact me.

Why do you think he did?


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  • one thing i do not understand about relationships is how people go from being so close to being nothing at all. perhaps he just wants to see you again.

    • I asked him this same question and he got mad.

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  • He May have sent a 'sarcastic' message for his Own reason. If there was Nothing After the fact, it could be possible. After a breakup, guys have their motives for everything they say and do.
    I know Now that he has stirred up another hornet's nest with you, it's got you Bugged And---Going buggy again.
    Might I suggest Blocking him while Trying Once more Forgetting him. This May help ease some of the pain, and Beee more of 'Yourself' again.
    But if you don't want to do This, maybe curiosity will kill the cat and you will end up texting him back as to what your Ex tom Meant...
    Good luck.xx

    • Lol I texted him back. It was as dry as his message. I said welcome back.

    • lol...okay..May be an excuse, After the breakup, to 'Talk' again.xx

  • He might miss you

  • to see if you are still single or already taken


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