Is my ex girlfriend rebounding and is it something worth waiting on?

My ex and i recently broke up after dating for over a year. I was graduating college and she still had 2 years left. I live reasonably close to school (a little less than 2 hours) and would have been up to visit often to see my teammates. Within a month, almost to the day, she began dating a friend who had been trying to get between us for a while. When she broke up with me i didn't contact her for a few weeks and in that time she mentioned to some of my friends she still loved and missed me. When i reached out to her she said this new guy told her all the time how he felt about her and she was already moving on. Then she started messaging me every night or every other for about a week. She started liking my statuses and photo, culminating in a 4 hour Skype conversation in which she cried about being confused about everything. She even confided in me that this new guy was being pushy and kinda jealous already and they weren't even dating yet. She said she hadn't told him how much we were talking. At one point she said "I feel like if I asked you to get back together now you'd say yes". When I said no the tone of the conversation changed completely. After we signed off she stopped being warm and friendly. 2 days later she's dating this guy. He's younger than her and has never been in a serious relationship before, never even hung out with a girl for more than 5 months. She didn't tell me herself I found out through a friend. That night she started texting me to congratulate me about my little brothers HS graduation. When I didn't respond she messaged me about running watches and again I didn't reply. I de-friended her on all social media to separate myself from the situation and the resulting frustration. My question is, is this a rebound and if so how long should i give it? Is it better for me to just move on?


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