Boyfriends friends are single, this makes me scared for me and his future together?

HELP? ... All my boyfriends friends are single, even his best friend (he looked up to their relationship… even if every time they get into fight, he appreciates me more and gets closer to me). The though of him looking up to their relationship makes me scared for our future. I'm scared he would break up with me in the near future.


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  • why are girls always paranoid? it's their choice they chose to be single, and it was your boyfriend choice he wants to have partner, we all make our own choices

    • well, because guys aren't always loyal :) I know but still, it makes me nervous. He is even going on a guys trip with them...

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    • No. I know that. I'm ok with him going... , just a bit nervous with the though of other hot girls and too much alcohol. i hope your not being sarcastic. really.

    • you think way too much

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  • uhhh...ummmmm...*pats your head* there, there. I'm sure your boyfriend won't break up with you to become single with his friends.


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