After a month of begging and giving up, one week of nc later, I go out and my ex sees me in a club, he contacts me the next day, what should I think?

or do?
he was behind me in the club, i did not look over or try to speak with him but my friend was looking and apparently he was staring at me

the next day i wake up to a text off him saying " my phone was off sorry " when i did not try to contact ring or text him?

then one hour later all of a sudden ( he blocked me on EVERYTHING whatsapp facebook, phone number) he suddenly unblocked me on Facebook and whatsapp

then to add to it he started talking ot me on whatsapp, he said to me are you there, talk if you want to and i just responded yeah. and he tried to make an argument something about me talking to one of his friends and asking to see if he is seeing anyone else and said to me if you wanna say somthing say it to me and i said ok.

then he started trying to talk to me more and saying whats wrong its not like you to talk, and i ignored him. one hour later he said to me dont you want to talk at all

i said what about? and he said ' anything. '
i then ignored him because i didn't know what to talk about he left me so he should initate a conversation.

my whatsapp was down so i couldnt text back anyway

he then said after i ignored him that i am ignorant

i text back when my whatsapp was working sorry my whatsapp was down, are you alright

he hasn't been on whatsapp since yesterday

i do love him so much :( i want him back i really do but i was starting to move on now i dont know weather to say this is gave me hope or not

what do you guys think :(


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  • i think he wanted to go out and get some pussy but that didn't work so now he wants you back.


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