Bf broke up with me, expects me to be bubbly and happy (we live together) despite breakup?

He broke up with me on Friday, he said that he isn't sure if he loves me or wants a committed relationship at this time. He's confused about what he wants in life and if he wants a life with me.

I can understand that, and I am trying to grieve the end of the relationship. However, he expects everything to be the exact same, even though we aren't together. I don't get it.

He got really upset (like physically scary upset) yesterday when I just got back from being out with friends. I'm trying to keep busy to move on.

He broke a glass and was being really angry. He didn't hurt me or anything, but I could tell he was upset.

He thinks that the reason I was close to him was because we were friends (even though we were bf and gf).

What can I do? I'm trying to make this as nice as possible despite the circumstances. I don't feel as though I am doing anything wrong by focusing on myself. But I don't think it's fair to expect time either to heal.


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  • This guy sounds like a controller. He is giving you some pretty obvious signs. The next thing he may do is hurt you. You need to GTFO. Please, get away from this clown. The most important person in your life is you. Please, take care of yourself. Worried for you.


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  • He basically wants to use you for sex and his emotional needs without the commitment of being your boyfriend so he's mad that you're not going to let him do that by trying to keep busy and move on. He wants to be able to play the field without you getting mad (were not together I can see girls if I want) but wants you to sit there waiting for him to decide and not find someone else


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  • My last ex did this to me before in order to maintain a casual "friendship/connection", which he later used to become friends with benefits with me.

    He was confused, but still wanted me around as no one understood him like me and it really wasn't fair to me to be kept around as an option.

    My advice is to focus on yourself in order to help the healing process and confront him about this whole thing. Sometimes you need to take care of yourself first and that's perfectly fine.

    • Confront? No. Run? Yes.

    • Either or. Sometimes it's best to run and sometimes people will leave immediately when you call them out. All depends on the guy though

  • You don't expect time to heal?

    • I definitely expect time to heal. I just don't get why he can't understand that. It doesn't mean things between us have to be horrible. But he's offended that I want to lay in my room on my computer right now, and be in self-reflection, deep thought, watch movies, maybe cry, maybe laugh mode.

    • Is there anyway you can get out of the situation?

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