If you were mad at your ex but still loved him and kept the opportunity open of getting back with him what signs would you show?

The reason I ask is bc my ex has returned things I had at her place and picked up things from mine. Still says she loves me but thinks no contact is best right now for our relationship bc she is still mad and doesn't want to discuss relationships with me. She has not unfriended me on social networks (instagram and facebook) but she has either liked instagrams with quotes about relationships, posted status' about deserving to be happy or even liked my post on instagram about missing eachother but space will make things right again. What are your thoughts? How would you show signs even when angry or would you just do things to make it worse?


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  • I would give her the space she needs to allow her to deal with whatever aspect (s) of her live she is struggling with right now. Break ups are tough. But they allow us to redefine who we are. They also give us a chance to review what/who we have been and what/who we what to become.

    Perhaps she wishes things were different. Maybe she really does still love you. I can't really say, and I can't say what the future will hold for you two. But I do know this. When you are dealing with a break up you need space and time to heal.

    This doesn't mean you two can't ever be together again, but she needs to figure herself out. Everyone grieves the end of a relationship in a different way. Some people are fine, others are a mess. Every situation is different.

    Only time is going to tell if she wants to still be with you. Give her some time, but keep it open if you still want her in your life. It's easy to be upset in the initial stages of a breakup, but after a while want to bridge that gap.


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  • I wouldn't ever return to an ex I'm smart and move on an ex is an ex for a reason. But who knows she might want to just be friends later on

  • Casually mention random good times you had together.


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