How to handle an ex BF that is trying to reconnect with you...?

My boyfriend of 6 mos broke up with me two weeks ago - everything had been going well, but he was not completely emotionally available as he is still processing a lot from his divorce. I pulled myself together and moved forward, not calling him to beg him to come back or anything. I am going away to Europe for two weeks on Sunday which he heard about through a friend of mine plus I know he saw a post on my FB from a male friend of mine who lives in France who I will be seeing when I'm there. I got an email from my ex yesterday, under the guise that he was forwarding me an article he thought I would like. He made random chit chat about what he did over the weekend and signed off with XOXO. Basically leaving the door open...I was excited because I care for him but I want to play this right also - he broke up with me in a very cold way and it really hurt. Suggestions on how I should proceed here?


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  • don't touch him even with a 10 feet pole

    • For what reasons, other than he is still dealing with his divorce?

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