What can I do after I lost the love of my life?

So I met this girl on November 2011 I fell in love with her completely she was my everything but she was doing her own thing for 6 or 7 months I put up with her Shit she would cry to me about how unhappy she was when she was with me and we were dating and I still stuck around, after that I got tired and ended things, i started talking to this other girl that at the moment she made me really happy and she was there for me, my ex gf came back asking to get back with her and I did because I still love her, but I was with the other girl too, I got with the new girl on June 2nd 2012, so I was with both of them at the same time but with my ex it would be more of an off and on thing, after a year my ex fell completly in love with me literally and I was happy but I was still with my other gf and well I still kept dating both of them for being a dumbass, I hurt my ex gf a lot :( my ex found out I had a gf but she didn't know for how long and she still stuck around but I was claiming I was gonna leave my gf but didn't, at the end I pushed my ex away and on fb she foundout me and my girl were having our two years anniversary, I lost my ex gf :( and I love her I wish I could take it all back and make it right she doesn't want nothing to do with me but I hate myself for being so stupid because I'm not even happy with my gf (btw she doesn't know i cheated on her the whole time) I know I messed up big time and I don't deserve her back but i can't help it, and well now in with my gf but im planning on ending things because she reminds me of my ex
I don't know what to do:(


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  • The situation you are speaking of is ALL too familiar to me, and I know someone right at the moment who has 'lived in your shoes...'
    Move on...If you and your current half are not happy together, or even if it is just a One sided relationship, tis best to break it off, leave on a decent note, and chalk this whole 'messed up big time' as a Huge learning experience for the future of what to do And---Not.
    And on another note---It wasn't meant for old Mother Nature to sow any of your seeds that you thought Could have been reaped. Better luck next time, I hope.
    Good luck.xx

    • I know I have to learn from it but it hurts knowing that I realized it too late

    • Thank you for the quote, I'm going to stick with this quote from now on

    • Just another one of life's little lessons that teaches us a Lesson, although sometimes...the hard way, unfortunately...xx

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  • Tbh you don't deserve either of them. I'm actually speechless

    • I know I don't:(

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    • I honestly don't know how you did it for so long, seriously were you not overwhelmed or stressed, felt guilty?

    • Yes I felt stressed overwhelmed and very guilty, I wanted to tell both of them but couldnt, Im with the my gf because I know I make her happy and I scared to brake her heart that is why I never broke up with her because of my guilt, which resulted me being in this BIG mess

  • "I love the lost of my life" sounds like someone died. No, you haven't lost the love or your life. You have lost the chance to be with a girl, but maybe you were never meant to be together. You mention the on and off thing. On and off relationships do not often end well.

    It didnn't help that you were dating two girls at the same time, but hey, who doesn't make mistakes? Every failed relationship is a lesson learnt.

    And yes, you should break up with your current gf. Focus on yourself and things will eventually fall into place.


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  • There is only one thing you can do. Live and let learn. Apologize to both of them, then think about how you would have felt if one of your girlfriends had been cheating on you the whole time with someone else. Use this as a learning experience, but please do not even try to get one of them back, because if they're smart then they won't want to be with you. I'm not saying it in a mean way, but in an honest, you messed up, sort of way. Obviously I'm just some guy on the internet and I don't know the whole story... but from what I hear you just need to learn from this experience and try and move past it and change for the better.

    • Thanks man, your right I messed up big time and we'll I definitely need some alone time and learn from my mistakes

    • The fact that you can realize that is the first step :) Think about it like this: if this is what happened chances are you aren't actually meant to be together (i.e not the love of your life). You know what that means?
      If you learn a lesson from this, chances are, when you actually do meet the love of your life, you (hopefully) won't make this same mistake twice. Relationships are learning experiences.

    • Yeah your right, a lesson learned and I definitely won't be making the same mistake! Life is funny but interesting!

  • Break up with both of them. Take time to learn the lesson that life is teaching you.


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