I just ended things with a guy I talked to for 8 months..?

I am 16 and the guy is 18, Iwe've been friends for years but we have been dating for about 8 months now. I love him dearly and he loves me. But there are too many issues and I just had to come to terms with the fact that the relationship isn't right for me. I tried, believe me, but tonight I decided I'm done. So now he's hurt and possibly mad at me, I feel like a jerk, and I'm also dealing with my own emotions. We tried breaking up before and a few months later we just came right back together cause we couldn't stand being apart. This time my mind is made up though. I need tips on 1. how to not feel so horrible about it. 2. how to get over the amazing memories that i could never let go of. 3. how to even begin to warm up to the idea that i could fall in love with someone else? This is a really hard thing for me :/ I also have a huge fear of losing him and being alone that grips me and I'm afraid it'll suck me back in


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  • Meet new friends to get your mind off of this guy, if he calls you up just talk mutual
    but do not sugar coat him you need to cut him short by saying i can't talk now my
    parents want me to do this, or i got go babysitting here or there , you need to make
    excuses up.. Think of the bad things said between you and this guy that made you
    feel upset or mad you don't want lead the guy to thinking your always going continue
    the same type of pattern of behavior being with him than breaking it off this is not
    healthy for your emotional health either you got consider this too

    • Yeah exactly, that's been my past with him. I tell him it's not working because this and that bothers me and then I go crawling back. Or vice versa, he dumps me and then comes back. It's been rocky and I know it's unhealthy. That's why this time I told him I made up my mind and didn't give him another chance to fix it like I always have before.

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    • Yeah, honestly I think he could always change and learn to stick up for me more, but its the fixation on sex that I think is something he won't be able to change. Then the religion.. i mean based off what he's told me it wouldn't be bad, i just am afraid of him changing and becoming more grounded in it which is always a possibility. not to mention i know that during times when he thinks he's losing me, he'll say a lot of things just to keep me even if its not totally truthful

    • Yea i see i think in society it's sad to see how
      much younger girls/ women are pressured
      when it comes to sex especially from the
      guys their age.Older guys are settled
      yes they like sex but they don't pressure
      least the mature ones don't. Yes they will
      do and say things when they think their
      losing a girl.Got watch that fixation on sex

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  • You're only 16.. you've got a lot of life ahead of you. Things like this happen, its called life. Just work on yourself and learn how to be single for a while. Life is all about learning more about ourselves and adapting to situations we never thought we would be in but in the end its great because we know so much more about ourselves!

    • Thanks! Good answer :)

  • Well, your only 16. Only 16. You will probably forget about this in 8 months.

    • I know I'm only 16. It doesn't make it any less hard though.

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    • its really not lol. At 18 years old, your just a kid. Haven't seen real life yet, still in HS, dont work, dont make your own money, dont live by yourself, dont have a career, never travelled, no responsibility, just a kid. So your relationships at that age are just puppy love.

    • Naive maybe immature, but not a nobody. That's off topic anyway. Thanks for your advice :)

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