Did I just cut all chances to get back with him?

I dated a man who I loved, but who also caused me pain and remorse. I should have broke up with him long before because he did things like standing me up and fading. I forgave him but had to break up with him.
After 3 months (he was away for work) with no contact he tells me hi. Then he says things like 'I saw you' etc. We talked and he was normal.

He knew am traveling but didn't say anything about seeing me at all, which made me feel bad. So I just told him I prefer we don't contact each other because he caused me much pain and I don't want to be reminded of the past. He felt upset and said he won't contact me.

I can say he wants to be back but if a man misses you why he won't see you? He knows am staying abroad for long.

Did I screw it up?


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  • No I think you did good... If there was a lot of pain in that relationship and things going on there could be a chance it could happen again... Now if you still love him but still have that pain I think you should wait to heal and maybe if it's meant to be he will contact you or you contact him and hopefully by then all the pain is gone and you guys can give it another chance


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  • Sounds to me, like he is the one who screwed up, not you


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