I want my love back into my life!! please suggest...?

I was in a pure relationship with a guy, he is quoite mature, resposible, very educated, decent, no clubbing, dating etc. he was very serious for getting married. we were very close to each other. we were in contact for 5 months, when he finally came over here with his family, he refused to take it further and broke up. nn he said that my family isn't compatible and their mindsets could create problems, note that he doesn't have parents they are just two brothers. and he said that he's hurt more than me, n he was serious but we should quit here, he blocked my number. and didn't reply.. everyone says it wasn't an issue, as he loves me, but i just can't understand what happened, moreover, my parents and family is very sweet and welcoming, n i was very sincere..
i told him again and again and tried to make him understand but all in vain...
please suggest me how can i get him back, i can't contact him even...
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  • The stone wall message is clear
    you'll have to fight for every piece of happiness if with this guy
    the rest of your life under such conditions
    so don't expect a Hollywood ending someday
    this is NOT how love is supposed to enrich your life
    so begin shopping for a replacement
    Even loved pets that depart are replaced
    Seems easy to replace a cold hearted guy that prefers brothers' opinions to (what you thought was) his love


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