My Ex ( We broke up today) sent me a picture with a quote as to the break up?

So me and my now Ex broke up today. We were dating for 7 months and she broke up with me. There's some reasoning but then she said some things and then she sent me this one picture with 3 quotes on it and the quotes were, well kind of confusing. The quotes were in this order "I still love him" "But I don't want to love him anymore" "I don't want to hurt anymore. Please". The quote were, a bit odd though because I didn't know how to take them in right away, like I didn't know what it meant. She told me this way earlier before she sent the picture though which is a bit misleading "I do love you.. Don't ever think I never didn't". Someone help me with the three quotes that were on the picture. Thanks, also there's a poll based on this.. Whether I lost her for good or that there's still hope. Thanks
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She also said that I "Fear oblivion" whatever that means..


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  • She loves you but she is struggling with feelings not to love you.
    She is clearly battling of inner issues that she needs to resolve before she can get in a relationship.

    She had to let you go, in order to fix herself.

    • It seems that you're probably the most correct person.. She could just be battling internal issues.. Like she had to let go and get herself straightened out before commuting to something like a relationship.

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    • And thank you c: and I hope I can get her back <3 thanks for the help c: you're awesome!

    • Glad I could help

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  • She's just going they a rough patch in her life, full of inner conflict...about the whole oblivion thing, it makes me think of the book " the fault in our stars"...because there's a whole conversation between hazel grace and Augustus about oblivion...

    • I agree.. She's just having some conflict.. But hopefully it all gets straightened out.. I really like this girl a lot.. And it makes me think about it too

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    • Because the universe is testing you :) it's just a thing that it decides to do sometimes

    • It's testing me.. I hope I pass the test then

  • well either she's talking about not wanting to love you anymore (which is stupid and doesn't make sense) or she's talking about some other guy she doesn't want to love and is torn between you two.

    • I'm just as confused if not more.. It's just kind of confusing overall with all this.. Like I understand that you love me.. But like you don't want to love me.. It's just very confusing..

    • she sounds immature and doesn't know what she wants. You dont break up with someone you truly love. Sorry it happened to you Hun.

    • She's actually quite mature but I don't know what has caused like this.. Maybe it's something that happened when she was 12.. Her father died and she hasn't been the same since.. That's what she's told me.. She's 15 now but like maybe that's something that's contributing..

  • she loves you give her like 3 days or 2 then go back and tell her you love her and she wiull certenly come back i think she really love you but keeping things cool

    • You're sure that much time will heal it? Like maybe a bit more? Or just that amount of days is fine? And I should just stay as committed as possible.. Let nothing cloud my feelings.

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    • I will keep in contact c: and I hope it'll stay together and not fall apart on me.

    • hope so too for you !

  • It sounds like she can't be with you right now.

    • I know it sounds like that but like her saying she loves me and all that is misleading. It does sound like that though. You are right

  • She is just as confused as you are. She has no idea what the tell she's doing. She's just playing games at this point and trying to make this breakup more painful then it has to be


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  • Step one: Turn 180 degrees
    Step two: Run very fast in that direction

    She is cray, causing drama, will only bring trouble

  • There's still hope she still has strong feelings but is trying to turn them off.

    • Do you have any reasoning as to why she would want to turn them off?

    • I don't know you so idk, but you broke up for a reason so I'm guessing that's why she is trying.
      Just text her and say" I love you baby girl I'm walking to **** meet me there If you miss me and still have feelings for me, if you don't show then I'll know the truth" because she still has feelings she will probably come:)

    • Well that's true but I'm trying to figure it out. And she's in another city with her friend Janelle and yeah.. I wouldn't be able to do that now but I'll try when she comes back.

  • She's crazy! Run for the hills for the love of god get away

  • what reasoning?

    • She just said that I "fear oblivion" and yeah.. That's the reasoning.. Also, she just said that she just didn't know how to love anymore.

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    • Yes, that's a good description. It's impossible to say whether she will sort her head out and want to be back with you or she won't and just move on to the next guy and the same issues will arise again. Can't fix people; they can only help themselves. All you can do is give her space and decide how long you're prepared to wait. If she does try to come back to you, you want to establish she's figured stuff out and the same thing isn't going to happen again.

    • I agree.. I need to give her the space she needs first and then let her move towards me so we get close and then make sure nothing will happen again and not worry about it.. This helps c: thanks!

  • She sounds like she's playing for melodrama. Some girls are like this.

    I love you, but i don't want to love you, so I can't love and i won't love you... but I do love you, and I always will.

    They see themselves as the star of their own teenage tragic romance novel. These girls rarely have the willpower to separate themselves entirely from the source of melodrama in their lives.

    If you play into the fantasy, and "fight" for her the way she thinks her imaginary true love would, then no doubt you can get her back. While she'll be protesting all the way.

    • I've been trying to "fight" for her.. But it's not getting through to her. She keeps saying she's a "horrible person" and things along that line you know? I'm still trying but it's hard.. I'll continue to fight

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