My gf of 2 years and 5 months left me, now for the past few weeks she is playing games. Now she does not talk to me.?

I don't know what to do in this situation. I am sitting her wondering if i should text her first or if i should run after her. Every time i go back to her i cry then she wants to say really nasty things to me, then she calls me and then im mad at her then she is allways like oh i wanna give you another chance. This has happened 3 times.

The last time it happened was the other night. I freaked out earilier in the day and waa begging for her back and she keeped rejecting me. So later that night we started to text and then said oh i was willing to give you another chance but i did not answer the phone simply because i am hurt. I called her out and simply was saying the only reason why you left me was because of all your new friends and you simply were using me for my money the last time you saw me.

After that texting concersation of me calling her out she said omg night and i then said I tried my hardest so I don't know what your doing anymore. Have fun with everything else because you choose them over me. ... She read it then did not respond. I dont know what to do. I miss her so much. Do you think she will contact me any time soon or should i reach out to her? :/ i love her a lot and just want her back.
She left me because "she just doent feel it anymore and because of reasons that dont even make sense" i broke up with her in the past now she left me. She slowly pulled away starting in January with these new friends of hersShould i text her or wait
I am 19 she is 17.


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  • F*** HER!

    Her signs are showing you she doesn't want you.
    Stop being knocked around like a PING PONG.

    Pull yourself together and get a grip.
    She is treating you like this because you are allowing it.
    Someone that really loves you wouldn't do that to you.

    Pull away from her as well.
    It will be hard, but with time you will grow stronger.
    Believe me.


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  • Sounds like a headache. She most likely will reach out to you, but what's the point of the back and forth? You either need to move over and find what other great things await you or sit down and talk it out, and not through a text message.

  • Why did she break up with you? How old are the two of you?

  • Leave her she's over you. Get someone who wants you

  • Why did she break up with you?


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