My girl just broke up with no logical reason and I can't get her back.. What should I do?

she had some pressure from her family regarding her studies and focusing on them. she also said we can't meet cuz her parents feel its not good.. we have family terms... and were planning to get married in next 4 years after her studies are done.. so she started sayin to me that she is feeling guilty that we did it and her parents dont know we did... the guilt is killling her...

she called me up and started crying.. after a while i also cried over the phone infront of her and she said to me that i dont understand her... and stuff...

she said she needs time to think.. she persisted thaat she is scared of me now and can never feel the same about me..

i tried contacting her and texting her.. she said whatever i do won't change anything.. this all thing went for 2 days and then she said she can't talk to me over phone as she is scared to death when she talks to me.. i kept on texting her but she replied after a hour or 2... later she said me to leave her and go ahead and alsoo let her go ahead... she's begging me and sorry for hurting me...

i told her ok and i wanna talk for the last time as it is her decision and it has been made.. she said no you will cry and it will hurt her again.. i said i won't that guy is gone.. I've understood...she said ok call now..

as i called her i talked nicely and calmly... and said I've spent those years amazingly... and all the good stuff,,, i even gave her some nice guilt trips sweetly... and i ended up the call with goodbye/...

NOW im missing her a lot i even was then but i controlled my emotions.. i see her on Facebook and she seems normal there.. with friends,,, bitstripping and commenting..

It is killing me... i feel like talking to her but i didnt... i liked her post and thats all what i did..

then i read your blog and thought to share and ask if you or anyone could assisst me of what will happen and what should i do.. KINDLY..

i all broke and i KNOW WE BOTH LOVE EACHOTHER..


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  • Move on. If she doesn't want to be with you then it's time to move on

    • But if she didn't want to be with me just because she is scared of me now.. it is not logical reason. and she was crying over the phone when i called her for the last time...

    • Your story is too long. I didn't read it. But if she broke up with you let her be. She wi either come back to you or move on. Just move on or do your own thing

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  • She sounds like a child. As do you. You are both conflicted, immature, irrational beings.

    In a few years, you will have moved on, you will settle into your skin, and you will be a steady, mature, irrational human being.

    Call a spade a spade. This girl is too confused to bother, but the bottom line is this. She's pulling away. No matter the rhyme or reason, she's pulling away. In a fight or flight situation, she flew the hell outta there. She has nothing to offer you, so start looking elsewhere.

    • I know bro she's being immature and confused. actually she is a disturbed child of her family and only one.. but my male ego is killing me and can't snap out of it.. it being hard for me. how to react and what to do.. i am trying to keep myself busy but again i come back to square one.

      and i honestly tell you that in a few years we would have moved on... but i want her to realise that i was the only guy.. with whom she could stay the happiest.. i want her to realise that.. how do i do that.. BY JUST NO CONTACT...

    • You need to rethink and revaluate your perception of self worth.

      You don't try to make her realize that. The burden is on her to open her eyes. If she refuses, it's her loss. Why does this confused, and apparently disengaged girl deserve your love and touch? If you really want to show her, then move on and grace other people in your gifts and talents. People who actually care. That's what you need to focus on more than anything right now. Count your blessings, not your curses. Now, start counting.

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  • Give her a month without contact.If she doesn't miss you by then, it's probably a waste of time.The earlier you find out she can do without you, the sooner you can get on with your life.She doesn't need a reason to leave you;women never do.

    Go out and get banged ASAP, because you're free to do so.That'll help you to move on.

    • it is not about banging some other girl.. I am really honest to her and my love is pure.. i know i will move on at one time of life but i just want that to happen. im trying to win her back.. i haven't call her nor texted her for 2 days.. neihter has she.. she is looking fine over fb... but i do know she loves me.. i am confused either its her ego or pressure that is preventing her to do that..

      we are family friends and will be meeting in a wedding in August. ho do i react to that when we will see each other?

    • In the meanwhile should i use Facebook noramlly.. or dont... what would she feel if she sees it.. but on the other hand she is facebookin and doing stuff...

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