How can I start over forgetting him again?

We broke up. I really loved him. After 10 weeks he writes me a hello. I feel bad now cos started getting over him when he brings me back to turmoil again. We spoke and I told him this.

Why would your ex come back at the time you started to get over him?

He literally reminded me of everything. Now I feel miserable again. He didn't like me to tell him why are you contacting me.
Our relationship was fine, a lot of chemistry, but he was unclear about many things...I even suspected he was married.

I always was nice with him but I felt at a certain moment he was using me.

Why the hell did he dig up my pain?


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  • He might just want sex. Most guys that try to be friends with their exes are just looking for sex. I hate to say it, but completely ignore him. Not worth it if he brings up painful memories can causing you discomfort. Think about your well being.


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  • Because HE is weak and needy, not so much that he wants you but he's just being selfish. Just block him so he can't do it to you again.

    • Also, google this topic. There is a lot of info out there as to why they always pop up when we have moved on. It's great hat you asked here! But just so that you know this doesn't mean fate, and doesn't mean you must have your healing be undone. You can get back there again. I promise.

    • Thanks guys:) yes my sister said he wants to play with my feelings. I started dating other guys and it's going fine with one of them. He ruined my last date.

      I still have feelings for him but I have been focusing throughout on what he did to me.
      imagine my friends who don't know each other were all telling me to dump him. But it took me time.

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