Just broke up with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I just recently broke up. I was the one who ended it. We dated for almost 10 months. Before we broke up we had a wonderful relationship. We kind of just fell for each other out of the blue. We met through a mutual friend of mine. He was up in Philly for vacation. That night we first met was when I realized I like this guy. We talked and went on a few dates before getting into a relationship. It was a long distance relationship since he was from Florida but at the time I was ok with it.

We talked everyday when he left and we saw each other again when I went to visit my mom in Florida. Him and I ended up being with each other for 3 weeks before I left to go back to my dads. This is when he confessed his love to me. I was surprised but felt he meant it but I was scared to say it than but I let him know that I cared a lot about him.
He came up for a few weeks just before New Years and thats when I told him I loved him. By this time we had met each others families and boy did my family love him. I went and visited him about a month ago and everything was fine. He had plans on moving up north for school so we could be closer. But somethings happened and he couldn't right away. But he came back with me for a few weeks. But then he dropped a bomb on me. He told me he was divorced and that he was so ashamed about it. He said that he was scared that I would lose interest in

I was mad at first but forgave him...After he left I started to feel confused and felt like I was missing something. I still don't know what it is. I told him I wanted to break up and it killed him inside. It killed me too but I asked him to be friends. He was reluctant at first but ok with it now. I told him I was certain of this break up and now he asked to not talk for a while to give me space to really think about this. I truly do care about him :( What do you think I should do?


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  • I'm really sorry you guys had to break up and that you feel like there's something missing! That really sucks :/ I think now it's just best if you give him the space he wants. I mean, he just got out of a 10 month relationship; I know it's hard on you and it's obviously hard on him too. Give him the space he needs but if you truly care about him, be there when he needs you (like if he wants to talk to you). You guys love each other (and I really do hope you guys get back together and gain/maintain happiness with one another or if that's not what you want, hopefully you guys stay in each other's life as good friends).
    Let him know that even though you guys might not get back together, you still care about him and that you're there for him.
    I wish you two the best of luck! I hope I helped a bit :)


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