Dumpers - is this a bad move after a breakup?

My boyfriend and I are breaking up. We had a long, happy relationship but we just want different things. I wanted to keep going but he said he can't do that. I've accepted that.

I know there's all these "rules" about what you're meant to do after a breakup, but I was thinking about writing him a letter. Just as a final goodbye. I was planning on saying things like "no matter how messy this breakup gets, no matter how emotional I might seem, I want you to know that I truly loved you." and stuff like "thank you for everything you've done for me, I loved the journey we took together and you've taught me so much."

Would that be too much? Should I just ignore him and leave it and move on?


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  • I think the letter is a good idea because it will your way of adding closure to it.If you don't write the letter it could be something that you may regret later on. Then I think after you should ignore him and try not to talk and text him. Yes their is rules after a break up but not everybody follows the rules. Some people talk to their exs and remain friends and others don't. I think it's a personal choice.


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