Nba Finals - game 3: Spurs vs. Heat - Will Lebron and Dwayne get it done vs. Duncan, Parker and the San Antonia bench? FYI: Tonight: in Miami?

Heat vs. Spurs - Will the Heat win? Miami should win at home right? Would it be an upset should the Spurs beat the Heat in Miami?


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  • Most people are probably riding the Lebron train, but I want the Spurs to win the whole series. It would be harder for them to come from behind than the Heat in my opinion, so I think the Spurs need this game.

    • Wow I was the only one who commented? Thanks for MH!! It's over now. The Heat are done after last night.

    • Your welcome. I don't know though - spurs bench points are pretty amazing but if Lebron and Dwayne play perfectly with some 3pt. help it could still keep going on like a marathon. I'm hoping for the heat btw. Cheers :D

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