Girlfriend won't allow me to have female friends, she has no guys friends but I feel we should be able to be friends with the opposite sex?

Ok me and my gf are 20 and she believes i should have no female friends, basically i cannot go out 1 to 1 with a girl etc, if i have a female friend it has to be someone who i met before her. She doesn't believe i should be befriending girls while i'm taken.

Anyway this was fine anyway because 99% of my friends are male anyway all the females i know are mostly just hi and bye friends who i talk to here and there. Anyway i did have this one female friend though, when me and my gf met she introduced me to this group of friends of hers. She later drifted away from them nothing happened just naturally drifted i had a few mutual friends with one of the girls so became quite good friends with one of them.

We spoke a couple times a week over text no phone calls or meets ups, sometimes when my gf would have my phone messages would pop up from this friend just general friendly stuff but i think the regularity of it annoyed my gf. Anyway this girl offered to show me where this takeaway was we met up got food and went back home seperately it all took about 10 mins when i told my girlfriend she FLIPPED. She ended up calling the girl asking her why is she getting close to me, crying over it, dumping me over it. Then we got back together on the condition i block the girl from my phone, i did it because i love her but i'm worried this has set a standard for future friendships with females.

While we were broken up one of my course mates and university invited me to come to library with her, i thought nothing of it but she immediately said the girl likes me because of this etc, basically she thinks friendly behaviour means the girl wants me. Me and my gf are back together now and the girl said we should hang out and grab some food or go ice skating some time. Is it wrong to want to go and hang out with her 1 to 1 or even with a group of people. If i told my gf i know she would go crazy but i want to be able to do things with my friends without worrying you know.


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  • I know some people from church who are like this - because they believe there is too much 'temptation' - but I think it's ridiculous and has a lot more to do with trust - because if you can't allow your partner to hang out with the other sex unsupervised, it's just a way of controlling them... Idunno. If it bothers you, and she isn't willing to compromise, I'd say to end it? She seems too controlling. Relationships should give you wings, not tie you down and lock you in a cage.

  • The rule that's worked for me: any before relationship friends=keep. Otherwise they need to be mutual friends of both people in the relationship!


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