My ex is acting friendly at work... Kind's complicated and confusing - need advice/tips?

Hi - so I worked with this girl and we hit it off. It was going really good then it went south, really bad break up. We worked in different departments so it's not like I saw her all the time. But when I did see her, she ignored me completely. Like angry ignore. After a year, it was just an ignore.
Well, here's were I get confused. It has been over 2 years now, I have given up. Blocked her on Facebook because I don't care. I still have feelings for her but when I deal with her, I just do my job and leave.
So, I was on this course that I knew she taught (boss told me I had to take it) and I saw her there but I ignored her and just talked to the others. Then, out of no where, she comes up and starts talking to me, all nice and friendly, asking how I'm doing? Why are you here? She even included me in her presentation like 5 times. The other guys were going 'wtf?'
Course ends, I leave. Trying to focus and not go down this path again. 3 days later, a meeting I go to and she is there. Now this time, she is back to ignoring me.
(Now I do know - at the course there was no one from work, at the meeting, it's everyone we work with and when we dated she didn't want anyone to know). But again, she pulled me into her presentation.
Now, before (I guess during her ignoring phase) her work emails were just business but now they are friendly. Like really friendly. Not personal, just friendly.

So what is going on? It's driving me crazy.
How do I deal with her? Let her contact me if that's what she wants?
(I'm thinking, leave her alone, if she wants to chat, she will contact me but just go on with life)


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  • Seems like she's trying to show u that she's getting over you and be professional at work by talking to u and all that but at some point may be the way u act or do certain things still piss her off. That means she's not completely over you but yet but trying. By all means it's all depend on her personality. Just don't let it get to you too much or don't over think anything. You don't have to be rude about her friendlyness but don't expect anything. Just be kind and go on with your life.


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