I found my American boyfriend has a girlfriend, we met in Spain and we have kept in touch for almost one year. Why did he cheat me? should I break?

I met a man in Spain and we fell in love, afterwards he went back to the US and we have kept in touch for one year. We just met 2 nights but we both have an attachment to each other.

Recently I found that he actually has a girlfriend in the US and they just had a holiday. We planned to see each other in June, but now I decided to not see each other and end up the story. The thing is I still miss him after the anger and jealousy. Should I contact him? He didn't give me an explanation about his girlfriend in the US.


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  • Yes you should break up with him , he is looking just for sex that is all
    he will stay in contact with you, until he gets what he wants i would
    never steer you wrong this guys no good

    • So guys are really so patient that they can keep in touch with women for one year with a long distance just for sex?

    • Sure he loves long distance with you he don't care , he is getting sex on the side from other women

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  • No. He has a girlfriend. End of story. Now you know and you can move on.

    • Yes, but I just wanted to know why had he kept in touch with me for long time with a long distance?

    • He probably enjoyed talking to you. Maybe he can't talk to his gf the way he can talk to you so when he met you he could have his cake and eat it too.

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  • if he cheated on you, you will have trust issues. if you can get over it, then dont break up. if you dont think you can, break up. i can't tell you if you can or not. that's a moral decision you have to make for yourself

    • thanks for your comment. After I discovered I broke up with him, but he didn't try a lot to save our relationship. I miss him but if I forgive him and turn back to him, is he going to look down me... I wanted to know from the side of you guys: what reason can make you keep in touch with a girl that you met 2 nights for one year long?

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    • but if he comes to my city to see me? I think I am not able to refuse him, but that ruins all right?

    • yep, exactly

  • It sounds like to me that you were the girl he cheated on her with.

  • You should just leave him, it's for the best, long distance relationships don't ever work

    • but he and his girlfriend is also long distance relationship - they don't live in the same city. that girl is Japanese.

    • ... Yeah, just leave the guy, not worth it.

  • Slow learner, eh?

    • I formed an attachment to him while missing him. The illustration lasted for one year, now I woke up by the fact that he has girlfriend. But I still want him. What should I do if he comes to HK to see me?

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