I want her back... we have broken up and its 7 days... she called it off.. help me decide what to do and get her back?

After 3 years of relationship She called it off with saying that she is scared of me just because I just cried in front of her when she said she's upset... she said she's scared now and will not feel the same for me. I tried telling her and clarifying that it won't happen again but she didn't listen. .

We r family friends and will meet after a month in a wedding for sure. . .

After breakup she was using Facebook normally and changed her whatsapp pic. After four days I stopped texting her and asking her to come back..

Am I doing the right thing? Kindly tell will she back.. I have faith in God and my Love that she will but its hurting me alot...
She liked my sister status on Facebook and her mom liked my Facebook profile picture. .. what does that mean...


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  • You're not handling this very well. You need to delete all contact with her and move on to another girl. This isn't going to help you in the long run waiting for her.

    • I honestly know I will forget her though it will take time.. but I really don't wantto end up the relationship between us because I really love her sincerely. . I never cheated on her.. did whatever she said... even she said I am best guy she will ever know...

      Should I wait for a while without contqcting her... see if she realise that she wants to be bqck...

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    • I honestly want her to realise what she lost... I know no one could love her tge way I did... I accepted her as she was...

      So how do.i make her feel guilty and move on...

    • You find a hotter girlfriend. Hell, find two hotter girlfriends. That's the only way you could rekindle any attraction is if you can tap into that competitiveness that girls have.

  • Scared sounds like the wrong word. why was she upset?

    • Her family was pressurising her to focus on studies... and dont meet more often.. it will lead to physical activity when we had 3 more years to get married..
      She was feeling guilty that we already did what her parents didn't want us to. The guilt was killing her..thats y she was upset

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    • do nothing. The only chance you have is if she misses you and comes back of her own accord.

    • Thanks bro...

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