If you GF leaves you and you fight for her for 2 weeks (she rejects) will she come back?

Girl left me. Now while i was fighting for her she was talking to other guys and now has a crush on some random basketball player. I don't know what to do or say anymore.
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She dumped me 2 weeks ago. And i have been fighting for her since. Now she has a crush on someone else... Not sure if its ais or to piss me off.


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  • What do you call 'fighting' ? Have you been beating up other potential boyfriends she was considering? Or texting her constantly to convince her to change her mind?
    The third and much better option would be to try an fix whatever it was about you that caused her to leave you. She might appreciate the effort, and even if she doesn't, it still could be useful to fix it before your next girlfriend.


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  • You forget about her and move on. That's what you do


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  • Sounds like she's a lost cause. Pretty shitty for not giving you a reason, though, and just up and leaving. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of chasing after her. That's probably what she wants. Especially if she's flirting with other guys. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.


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