I have no idea what to do and I'd appreciate some help?

The guy I've loved more than anything and been close with for over a year and also led me on for almost that long, made all these plans and promises to me and at very short notice tells me he better not because he's actually been seeing someone. This guy I've loved more than anything in the world and I honestly believed was the one for me.

I have hardly any friends or anyone to talk to, I've made some attempts but the people I've tried to talk to haven't helped and I just feel so alone. Every moment of the day that I'm awake I just feel destroyed and so empty and hurt. I know I need to let go but how do you do that when you love them and when you're so attached? The thought of him seeing another girl just kills me, it completely ruins me and I have such a difficult time accepting it. This happened about 24 hours ago and every moment since then I've felt like this.

Do you have any advice for me? Id genuinely appreciate some.


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  • All things considered, you have been wronged, betrayed, deceived by someone whom you trusted and relied upon. A person who you thought wanted to be with you for the long haul.

    Therefor, given the circumstances, the grief you are experiencing, your refusal and unacceptance of the truth is not unusual. Your self-esteem has taken a huge hit. You now question your judgement of character. Your trust in others is altered. Unfortunately, that type of impact on a someone does not subside quickly.

    By the way, are you somewhat inexperienced in dating? Were you not warned by the yellow tap and the sirens? I mean, after over a year of making plans and promises to you that never came about, why did you continue to believe and invest in him, and under what circumstances?

    Nevertheless, I suggest that you immerse yourself in feel good, productive activities. Exercising, volunteer work, travelling, for example, to redirect your attention. And even then, in some way or another, time will play a huge role in get over this.


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  • Sadly, the best thing you can do is distract yourself with other things as best you can and forget about him. In fact find everything you dislike about him and just focus on that at the very least. You will only hurt yourself more by missing him.

    Look at all the terrible things he has done like leading you on and telling you he is seeing someone else (essentially cheating on you at some point). This does not sound like the type of guy a girl should really have any respect for.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it x

    • You are welcome, you will feel better in time :)

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