Will he want me back after he sorts through his emotions?

My boyfriend of 6 months and I broke up almost two months ago. He had some issues with pushing people away when they got too close, but overall we had a good relationship. We were best friends and really liked being together. Hardly ever fought except when he would begin pushing away but usually we would talk it out and be okay. He ended up breaking up with me saying he wasn't ready for a serious relationship (duh...should of realized the pushing away signaled this). He cried and we had a really intimate moment when we broke up. After not really talking a couple weeks we tried to be friends. Feelings were still to strong for me to do so without being jealous. Too hard of a transition from acting like a couple to acting single with him. After him starting to be distant again I told him that I give up on stopping him from pushing away and he never responded. Will he ever come around?


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  • i think that may have pushed him back to where he was before and pushing people away he might of looked at that as a rejection that really hurt him and probably has been hurt enough in life to where he's that way to pushing people away im sure he will when he is ready but i think you should send him a text and see if he's okay cause he may be just being going threw a lot to where he won't allow anyone else in his life until he figures out everything or gets into a better place or he may not feel like its worth getting anyone involved in something he has tried hard to fix but could never fix to where he think it might ruin a relationship or his chances in being in one


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