I can't seem to except the reality that I may have lost this girl , is that normal?

its been weird I though we might be getting back together then she got upset over some stuff and jealousy issues seemed to emerge. last time I saw her on Friday things got really weird and she was with this guy I had never seen before in life and we live in a small town and she claimed to be dating him , but he doesn't live here and works out west. I though it was all weird and I can't seem to really come to terms with things as I had though she liked me but now I worry I've totally lost her.

so anyways is it normal to feel that way? not want to except the fact things are possible over or that she might not date me , I don't want to cling onto hope if there is none left


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  • You need to move on, let her go. You can't spend you time thinking if you two will be together again, its not worth it.


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  • Its normal, I am going through the same. Except today I have accepted it. I have to move on and so do you. Especially if there is another guy. Let her miss you and see if she comes back. Don't get yourself hurt all over again

    • its weird I almost had excepted it a few months ago but then she came back into life and we hung out in person a few times with friends not dates but still we did sit beside each other. then she's like gone again and with some guy I've never even seen before its all hard to digest , I think she came back cause she missed me but she never said it to me

    • It even hard to be friends with my Ex, Im going crazy not being with her but she told me that she thought we would never be together. I didn't want to believe her but I have accepted it and already feel a little better. Until she texted me today. But it was to get my stuff. Not anything like you. She has another person in her life. Just let her be and move on. I feel for you, its freakin hard but you have to.

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