Im silently obsessed with my ex girlfriend the best girl that has ever came in my life since I guess we are taking a break or over what should I do?

We have been dating for 2 years throughout out the years for the most part I messed up but only tried to make things better but she had gotten insecure I would always listen to my guy friends peer pressure she wouldn't approve so first we broke up during a short time after our 1 year because I lied to her about going out of town so I wouldn't have to talk to her because I really was going to the movies with female friends she knew it was a lie because I got caught with my parents car so I had to tell the truth she dump me a week later we got back together because I took her to her homecoming then since then she was insecure about me with me about female friends AND note we live a far distance from each other so we seen each other every other week or longer. Anyways the second to last time I messed up she was pissed I talk to my ex and to fast forward that she basically ended me and my ex talking and was very upset and didn't trust me even more with females but she still loved me and had just a little trust in me until basically 2 months ago I wanted music on my iPod so I gave it to my female best friend that my ex didn't really know if she could trust her so she went off on me about giving her the ipod I didn't think it was that serious and we were arguing a lot lately about me being with my friends all day and talking to her later in the day so things led to another about the iPod and she knew my friend went through it which she didn't like because our personal info and I choose my best friend over her in that situation knowing I was wrong then 2 weeks later she went off about me going places with my friends all day so I just said we should take a break we both didn't want to but now she thinks it was good and I' been stressing silently I won't get her back I refuse to talk to her I just can't text or call its been 2 months all I do is look at old pics I also mailed a letter 2 weeks ago should I just give up hope hearing from her and us getting back together


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  • Yup trust here is unfortunately gone, even if you were to get back together, it would be with a lot of paranoia from her side, and it would be with a lot of arguments, and you'd end right back at where you are now. Question is how mich longer you wanna prolong the pain and not move on. You need to remove memories (old pics) from your reach, otherwise you'll never move on. You need to follow out of sight, out of mind to a T if you wish to recover.
    good luck


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  • I think you fucked that one up too bad. Take it as a life lesson on why you shouldn't lie...and move on.


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