My boyfriend kissed another girl while we had a fight and another girl came to pass the night in his house.?

I&my boyfriend had a fight. .And when we made up, he said he had to confess to me that he kissed a friend while the fight was on because he thought we have actually broken up and also another friend of his came to pass the night in his place but he did nothing with her.Am feeling so insecure right now cos I feel he's lying to me about them just being friends and I don't trust him anymore and I feel he never loved me.
Yes. .He has lied before


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  • It's a tough spot. On the one hand, he told you about it and that is something. I would take that as a good sign that he cares for you and felt guilty so wanted to let you know whereas a lot of guys who cheat on someone will deny it to the end of time even when caught.

    It definitely sounds like they are more than friends though and to hook up with another girl in what seems like a pretty fast kinda deal does not reflect well... although one may argue that is how he deals with the pain of a breakup, I think if a guy is truly in love with someone and things don't work out then he needs some time to get over the girl before hooking up with someone else

    • Yeh that's true..Thats why am hurt..I couldn't kiss another guy while the fight was ON. .But he kissed another girl. .
      I'm doubting if he ever loved me

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  • If he's willing to be serious and in a relationship with you again for real then I suppose there's no reason to doubt who he wants to be with. If however you did a lot of the initiating to get the relationship going again then it's a bad sign. Why would you feel that he's lying to you? Has he lied to you in the past about these things?

    • Yeh, he has lied to me before,, Even cheated on me before but claimed den the relationship wasn't so intimate&e broke up with her immediately I found out he was cheating on me

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    • I feel your pain.. I'm also struggling in my own private life with letting someone go and things are also messy. So I get what you mean and understand.. it sucks but it's for the best. You just need to try.

    • Aiit#
      Thank u

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  • I was a little on the fence, but leaning toward telling you to let him go; and, after, reading your response to XRabbitHeartX, I have no doubt that you should let him go. Furthermore, he probably lied about not doing anything with the girl that "came to pass the night in his place."

    • Yeh. .
      He lied. .
      #Grin. .D lie was so lame. .
      Gosh! !
      Aniwayz. .Its the best to allow him go #

  • It sounds like he moved on awfully fast.

    Go with your gut.

    • Yeah. .He moved on too FAST. .
      While I was still stuck. .
      And I was the one who even tried to make things right again

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  • :\ You need to find better.. he's very sketchy.

    • Yea. .
      A better person

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