Was I too intense and was the break up my fault?

I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 2years and mainly only saw each other at the weekends. We took turns driving to each other. Recently he wanted to attend an important football match and I got upset when he didn't want me to go with him, had an argument and resolved it. A few days later he informed me that he would be cutting our mini break short so that he could prepare for the football match. I took some time on my own and decided it wasn't a big deal, and told him so. He then said I was too intense and wasn't sure the relationship was working. We got into a big fight as this was the 3rd time he had run away during an argument. Prior to all of this he had missed 2 important matches to be with me during my exam period. Was it my fault we're not together anymore?


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  • No it's not your fault.
    In all honesty being upset when you thought you would see him is pretty normal.
    Yes you shouldn't have got angry and caused an argument.

    But I suspect there is something else here that has made him walk away.
    Leave him to think for a little while and don't contact him at all.
    This will show your not needy and gives him a chance to be with his thoughts without you bombarding him.

    Then send him a message, this will let him know your still there for him as a person.
    Remind him of something you did together where you both felt good perhaps.
    Like... I saw this the other day, thought of you and made me smile.

    Just saying 'hey how are you is a bit boring'
    Lighting up a good memory in his head will help him to remember how good you made him feel rather than associate you with this 'intensity'

    You may be able to open the communication. Try not to bring up the breakup or all of those questions you have right away.

    However if you don't want him back just go and live your life!

    There are soooo many people that could be 'the one' for you. There is no 'ones' there are 1000s and 1000s :) xx


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