Help me walk away from this dysfunctional relationship... Please?

My BF and I have been together for about 7 months. As you can see that's not along time. The first two months we actually only talked over the phone because he was living out of town, and we hit it off. We talked for 6 hrs literally everynight for those 2 months. But once he came to the town, everything changed. When we are around each other, everything is great. When we are away, its non stop arguing. We use the words "it's over", "I'm done", "dont speak to me again", like it's a greeting.
Im so love sick, it's ridiculous. I want to be over him but im soo obsessed that it literally makes me want to vomit. I get so numb with the thought of walking away from him.
This relationship is no good but because he is my first love, I can't walk away.
I kind of think because I tell him all my feelings towards him, I feel he is just taking advantage now. I can't keep hurting myself like this.


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  • If you keep settling for this behavior from him then this will be all you ever get from him. You need to stand tall on your own 2 feet and demand to be treated better. IT might be your first love but there are so many other people out there who can be a better lover and you won't have all the drama or disappointment.


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  • Are you only wanting to get out of the relationship because of the arguments? Maybe you guys should sit and talk about what you guys argue about and fix it before you end the relationship. Everyone argues. It's natural. Just talk it out first and try to figure out the real problem on why you guys argue. You don't want to end something good because of arguing when that could be fixed.

    • Its like whenever we are not together I feel like im always the one reaching out. And when he does text or call, he's asking for me to take him somewhere. He was out of town for a few days, mind u, he just left and didn't tell me. He said it was because he didn't want to stress me out. Everytime I texted, I felt like he was ignoring me. And then it seems like the second I would be harsh, thats when I would get a response. He claims he loves me and wants to marry me but because of how hard his life is at the moment, he can't be there for me the way he wants. But he doesn't want to break up. He was supposed to be leaving back out of town today so lastnight when I got off work I asked him where he was? He said going to the casino. He knew I wanted to see him so he said that I can pick him up when he's done. I kept texting him asking what time and he was ignoring me. Finally I said well im bout to fall asleep, call me and see what happens. Meaning: just call and hopefully I wake up.

    • He mustve took my text the wrong way because when I woke the next morning, I had a text saying "so block me".
      Everytime we talk, the second we are apart, everything goes out the window.

    • You definitely need to end it if he's acting this way or it's just going to get worse and you'll end up with the broken heart. Follow your guy and tell him you want to end things. It'll be for the best.

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