Please help ASAP. he broke up with me now asked to take me out but hasn't been texting me like he did. said he duno what wants...?

So me and my bf come back form holiday was a bit of before but thought holiday would help us but when got back we kind of didn't know what to do no more wheather be together or not so he came round on Tuesday and we broke up but was a calm break up he then asked me if he can take me out Friday for dinner as my birthday? i dont know what to think if he wants to get back or not? i didn't like that broke up as was weird not talkin just for a day up till like 8 ... help me.. how do i act when i go and how do i dress.. we broke up coz he said it won't be same coz i dont trust him and he had relationships like this that never worked and dont wanna hurt me?


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  • Just be yourself. He doesn't have a proper reason to break up with you. Comparing old relationships with you isn't fair. Don't let him win you back really easily. If he wants you he will have to work and earn you back. Trust your gut instinct ;) good luck


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