Me and my ex broke up, a week later I tell him I still love him and he says he loves me like a sister?

What does that mean? We were going out for a couple months? And we were making out and stuff so I really don't know what to think of this statement?


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  • Fun is over.

    He probably did not have strong feelings for you since day 1.
    My guess is that he started fooling around with you, simply because you were there and available. Given a few months, he probably wasn't feeling any chemistry and decided to dump you early, so it wouldn't drag on and be too painful for you down the road.

    "Love you like a sister" = zero interest in you as a girlfriend


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  • He doesn't see you as a romantic partner anymore.

  • he says he loves me like a sister?

    Unless the guy is incestuous, the party is over.


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