So this is over right - GUYS please help.?

I'd like some input here, especially from the guys. I had met a guy through work, now mind you, he's not in my state but we met that way discussing some work for him - he found me on FB and friended me and started flirting/poking me, so a week or so later, we started talking by phone a lot.

Go to like maybe a week later or so, well mind you, all along he kept pressuring me for revealing pictures and would OFTEN express having strong sexual feelings for me, and I felt the same way, but not knowing him so well in real life, well I felt I had to be safe and not rush into sending him 100% explicit pictures.

So we were texting one night, again, he starts saying how much he wants to see me naked; I offered that we do some video chat as I did not want to send him those kind of pictures.

So he makes some lame excuse why he can't, this leads me to start wondering if he's living with someone, or even possibly married, but his manner was pretty dismissive of my request.

But soon as I say this is not going to work for me and see ya, well I get a call (work) and he beeps in - I explain please give me a second I will call u right back.

He does not, he goes off on me that I'm brushing him off in text and I felt like he was being so mean to me and that hurt A LOT.

So a day or so later I did text explaining briefly why the ''see ya'' comment happened - we both said sorry and that we felt better knowing neither was any longer angry with the other.

My question is, I have not heard more from him, and I have not contacted him either... he also BLOCKED me on FB as a part of his over-reaction that night.

I DID manage in the aftermath to explain that his actions/responses made me wonder if he was married/involved, etc., but he basically never cleared it up to say if he wasn't.

I know he was hurt/upset that night, so was I. My friends say I dodged a bullet here weeding out a character, what do you think?


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  • He justed wanted da pic he was cutting u off cuz u wouldn't do it your friends right

    • He asked for da pic, I offered an alternative, but then saw he was sticking to wanting the pic, not offering to compromise so I said ''see ya,'and THEN he got mad... he wasn't mad when I said no about the pic.

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  • u know how important is a self respect for a guy so maybe he might hav felt bad or hurt for whatever u did or he might be ignoring u so u to attract u towards him...

    • yeah I know he felt bad that night and was embarrassed and I felt bad, too, but I just don't think he wants to talk anymore cause of what happened. I feel bad and I miss him.

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