How are people so cold and soul-less?

I haven't talked to my ex in 6 months. We used to be really close friends for 3 years. He asked me out persistently, and we dated for a year. Then he said he was getting too scared and wanted to breakup, which I totally understand.

On the day I was moving away from him we hugged for a very long time and he said he would always keep in touch and that he really did care about me a lot.

Anyway, I tried msging him today after 6 months of not talking. He barely says anything and doesn't even have the courtesy to say goodbye when I ended the convo. All I msged for is to ask him how's he's doing seeing how we used to be friends for several years!

How can you boys forget about a girl who had been their best friend for years and gf for one year! I can never make sense of anyone ever acting this way! Don't you have any soft corner for this person and feel like treating them with some normal courtesy? I'm confused and hurt :(


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  • he probably did it because he is hurting so much more and doesn't know how to fathom the emotion/thoughts. kinda like his way of coping. it wasn't the right thing to do but maybe that will give you some idea as to why he did what he did.

    • I just feel like he's so over it that's why he's treating me this badly! But its worse than the way you would treat a stranger :(

    • trust me he's no even close to over it. nobody is like that when they have had what you two had. he's being cold because it's what first came naturally to him and he doesn't know how to deal with it.

  • my ex is this way with me but she is on better terms with her other ex's even though they emtionally stress her and have arguments with her every time, while i gave her much needed space so she doesn't have go through even more emotional stress from my side and even after couple of years she is cold towards me, never once asked how was i doing, it's all ended for her just like that

    • the reason for break up , both of her ex's played into it , at the end they are her friends while i am just nobody

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